Graphic Designer with more than 15 years of experience. I worked in Graphic Design Studios, independently and mainly in film, advertising & platform products for Disney, Amazon, Netflix & Hbo. Design and coordinate assistants. Also supervise production and logistics all according to very tight schedules. I feel very comfortable working with teams in person and remotely. I can coordinate other designers and delegate in order to achieve the delivery of multiple deadlines.

I studied Graphic Design at FADU / Buenos Aires University. My desire to specialize in the audiovisual field led me to Ireland to study with the graphic designer of Wes Anderson, Annie Atkins. Previously, I went through several art clinics, lettering workshops, art direction workshops, residences and exhibitions.


Among my latest works are: El hombre que amaba a los platos voladores (Netflix), Nahir (Amazon), Chueco (Disney +), STM (Disney +), Art Attack (Disney +), Bia (Disney +), El Reino (Netflix), Soy Luna (Disney +), Jardín de Bronce (Hbo) and Junior Express (Disney +).


INSTAGRAM > @majo_s_c



Disney, Hbo, Polka, Landia, Non Stop, Endemol, Doble A, Banana films, Aeroplano, Primo, Hermanos Mundo, Cinergy films, Bender cine, Altana cine, Mu Films, Altana Films, Good Gate, Rebolución, Huinca cine, Boilingpoint films, Verne, Maga, Folk, Oruga Cine, Wazabi, Ursula, Puenzo Hnos, Promofilms, etc.

El Reino (Netflix), Bia (Disney/TV), Simona (TV), El Jardín de Bronce (HBO/TV), Los Ricos... (TV), Soy Luna (Disney/TV), Junior Express (Disney/TV), La Dueña (TV), Delirium Argentino (FILM), La Casa (TV), Wake up (TV), Fábricas (TV), El Conquistador del fin del Mundo (TV), Mangoré (FILM), etc.


Isenbeck, Beldent, JVC, NBA, Sedal, Ser, Infinito, Halls, Trident, Nesquick, Downy, Claro, Nugatón, Éxito, Burger King, Speedy, Pharmaton, Espadol, Villa del Sur, Coca-Cola, Branca, Arnet, H2o, 7up, Diario Olé, Movistar, AxA, Actrón, Sedal, Levité, Serenísima, etc.