Graphic Designer with more than 15 years of experience. I worked in Graphic Design Studios, independently and mainly in film, advertising & platform products for Disney, Amazon, Netflix & Hbo. Design and coordinate assistants. Also supervise production and logistics all according to very tight schedules. I feel very comfortable working with teams in person and remotely. I can coordinate other designers and delegate in order to achieve the delivery of multiple deadlines.

I studied Graphic Design at FADU / Buenos Aires University. My desire to specialize in the audiovisual field led me to Ireland to study with the graphic designer of Wes Anderson, Annie Atkins. Previously, I went through several art clinics, lettering workshops, art direction workshops, residences and exhibitions.


Among my latest works are: El hombre que amaba a los platos voladores (Netflix), Nahir (Amazon), Chueco (Disney +), STM (Disney +), Art Attack (Disney +), Bia (Disney +), El Reino (Netflix), Soy Luna (Disney +), Jardín de Bronce (Hbo) and Junior Express (Disney +).


INSTAGRAM > @majo_s_c